Wild & Wilder, The Opportunist, Shiraz, South Australia

Wild & Wilder, The Opportunist, Shiraz, South Australia

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Wild & Wilder is all about good clean fun. Working hand-in-hand with their merry (in a good season) band of growers, they craft wines of supreme quality but don’t take it all too seriously.

Great fruit, grown by great people and made with a lot of love by a team that know that wine is all about the good times, delicious food, and creating great memories.

Founded by Giles Cooke MW & Fergal Tynan MW, who also make the Thistledown wines, the mundane is just not in their DNA. We’ve all got a mate who, despite the calamities befalling everyone else, always lands with his bum in the butter. When everyone else sees doom and gloom, The Opportunist sees blue skies and sunshine. Love him or hate him, The Opportunist always comes out on top.

An aromatic bouquet of ripe fruits, cherries and blackcurrants, with notes of coffee, dark chocolate, peppermint, and subtle pepper. Thick and smooth with good balanced fruit weight. Ideal pairing with Beef stews, steak or a lovely vegetable dish. 

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